Pro Cafe Machine specification

Technical description

Size 67 x 28 x 39 cm
Weight 30 kg
Flavors 13 drinks
Number of containers 3
Water connection 8 mm
To ensure the reliability of our machines water filter systems haves to be installed before the device!!!
Payment systems Optional.
  • Coin acceptor for cash sales (coins or token)
  • Cash free card systems:
  • NFC Chip reader/writer. This is an ultra-modern payment and data system!
    You able for example to give customers a chip with the different drinks on credit, or manage other purchases in advance as you require. The system can be used also for internal data transmission too (counters, etc.)
  • RFID Chip reader/writer, with this inexpensive chip positioned on the goods (drinks) you can perform a quality control or product protection that our device works only with your product.
  • GSM modem for data queries such as meter readings, program settings, error messages, etc.
  • E. Protocol. Data exchange through different interfaces.
  • Unlimited component updates.
    Unlimited software update, including our NFC - RFID - GSM Software.
    We provide you with our new accounting software, available from 04. 2014. GSM data transmission etc.
External display 6″ LCD, 800x480 for information and advertisements, MP3 and MP4 support
Design Own brand design is possible
Cup sensor Yes
Water system Open water system , this guarantees absolute hygiene of beverages.
Optionally, we also provide a 6W Philips UV lamp for water sterilization. (Like used in bottling plants and laboratories)
Materials Machine body and all major components are made of stainless steel. ASI 310/316.